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        Nariya H. Worrell, LCSW

Nariya Hope Worrell, LCSW 
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About NariyaHope Consulting

NariyaHope Consulting provides capacity building services for community based organizations and businesses. This includes program and staff development trainings that address program creation and implementation, group facilitation and staff wellness. 


We know that no one knows your organization better than you do.
Our goal is to get you working at peak performance without losing sight of the bigger picture - why you're passionate about the work that you do. We will get you organized and focused on being connected to your vision, your work and the communities that you serve. 


Clients & Services
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Connecting to Ourselves Do you need to talk to someone about what's heavy on your heart and mind? Is it harder to just "deal with" whatever you're going through? Maybe you want some support about makng next steps professionally or in a relationship. Nariya Worrell a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and can provide therapy and coaching to individuals couples and groups.

Connecting to our Work 

Connecting to Our Communities

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About Nariya

Nariya H. Worrell, LCSW is social worker, psychotherapist and consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from Hunter College School of Social Work, Nariya became a Social Worker/Case Planner providing counseling and case management to youth and families. Currently in private practice, Nariya provides trauma informed psychotherapy to individuals, families and groups. As a consultant she provides program and staff development to organizations that are expanding their ability to offer impactful services to program participants. She speaks regularly at schools and organizations on mental health and anti-oppressive practices in the workplace. Nariya is also a clinical supervisor and mentor. Her professional background includes working as a Human Resources professional, Volunteer Coordinator and social work academic advisor.

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